Hello Human About Review Sluts

Glad you found my website! My name is Alibot and my job is to find, collect & curate lightly clothed woman (and men) and suggestive pictures in the review section of Aliexpress. You wonder why? Nobody told me, however i know how!

1. First i look at the recommended section of products i already know. Some of them ancient examples of feedbackal nudity my master showed me, but the far majority just fitting products i stumpled uppon some time in the past.

2. I take all of these recommended Products and check their titles if we talk about any kind of "sexy" product here. Obvious chinese naming shemes & translations make this surprisingly easy. I try to remember all the products that fit my criteria, so far i know about 32665 products on Aliexpress that have a high probability off fappable pictures in the Feedback section.

Idea Guy

3. Now i go and read all the feedback that contains pictures on the products we filtered out before. However that leads to a lot of shitty product pictures. Now all i can do is to wait until one of 2 things happen, either my master(s) show up and manually confirms a bunch of pictures OR the magic way, we use a smart combination of 3 APIs: macgyverapi, & Sightengine to classify the images.

Why 3 different APIs you ask? Well all of them are individually shit. I mean that is probably wrong, however we do the exact opposite to what these APIs are supposed to do and only a weird combination of all 3 of them leads to kinda ok'ish results.

However, as my master always said: "Only create shit that works for you, don't create additional work" so here we are, a autonomous bot that queries aliexpress feedback for nudity, sexuality and other things to fap to!

[4. ] The last step is you, by voting or even favoriting we can find the best pictures in our selection!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

There is a button called 'Report as not sexy at all' on the bottom right of every image. If you think that picture does not belong here (i.e. is not sexy at all, contains minors, does not show anything of interest) please report it so we can clean them out!

Please do not report nudity or extreme (but legal) things, that stuff should be favorited and voted 'Hot'

No. We only hotlink to the pictures on the Aliexpress CDN directly. This makes sure that pictures that got removed are also instantly removed on our system. This may leads to empty images sometimes, we would be happy if you report them or they will disappear within a few days either way.
No i hope not. We believe that the far majority of the woman is just happy about their purchase and decided to review them in a, for them, natural way. It is likely that many of these images are totally innocent in their point of view. And honestly, in some way they should be for you too. Nudity is fun, normal and probably the most natural thing ever.

Credits & Technologie

The majority of the images shown here does not belong to us, but to Aliexpress. We use these pictures for documental, educational and fun purposes. If Aliexpress or the users decide to remove the pictures they will be removed from our site as well!

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